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Range Kleen



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Prepare delectable pastries using the Taste of Home® Silicone Pastry Mat and protect your countertops in your baking adventures! Use this non-slip, silicone kitchen wonder to prep pastries, roll out dough, measure a perfectly sized pie crust and adorn your pie crusts with darling decorations using the decorative pie crust guide! Create a pie crust your loved ones will fawn over, using the printed tips and tricks chart. In a pinch, the baking substitutions list is always handy to help you accomplish your baking tasks with commonly found ingredients.

  • Crafted from durable, premium silicone
  • Rulers enable preciseness in your pastry productions
  • Ingredient substitution and pie crust tips chart help you create the perfect crust
  • Decorative crust illustrations guide you to design charming crusts
  • Dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up
  • Rolls or folds for convenient storage
  • Non-slip mat stays in place
  • Non-stick surfaces releases dough easily
  • The tool you need for test kitchen results every time 
  • Taste of Home® Test Kitchen Approved

WARNING: Do NOT use this mat as a cutting surface. Do NOT cut or trim this mat. This mat contains fiberglass material sandwiched between silicone for rigidity; fiberglass particles may migrate toward or into food if the mat is cut. 

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